Our mission

At Fullerex, we seek to support the advancement of nanotechnology in order to create radical, transformative and sustainable improvement to society. We are dedicated to achieving these aims by accelerating the commercialisation and usage of nanomaterials across industry and beyond.


Who we are

Fullerex was founded by Joe and Tom Eldridge, brothers with a keen interest in nanotechnology and the associated emerging market for nanomaterials.

Over the years Fullerex has initiated dozens of R&D projects with nanomaterial producers and industrial end users across a broad spectrum of industries and has been both a catalyst and critical partner to bridge the gap between innovation and commercial application. Whether for new product development (such a nano-enhanced 3d printing materials) or pushing advanced formulated products into new markets (such as electrothermal coating systems in automotive and wind energy) or technology consulting (such as essential market opportunity analysis performed on new IP for Universities and research institutes), Fullerex has operated at the very forefront of the nanotechnology industry.

Prior to founding Fullerex, Joe had a strong background in trading with nearly 10 years’ experience as a stockbroker, managing client accounts for European Equities and FX. At University he read Mathematics at Imperial College London gaining a BSc degree and has closely followed the markets for disruptive technologies and advanced materials for a number of years.

Tom worked in the City of London for 7 years in commercial roles throughout his professional career, with an expertise in market data, financial and regulatory news. In his academic background, he earned a BSc degree in Physics and Philosophy at Kings College London and is a member of the Institute of Physics.

As a result, Fullerex has the strong management composition, flexibility, drive, enthusiasm and experience that allows the company to support the growth of the nanomaterials industry, an industry that has grown and matured substantially since Fullerex was founded. The Partners and Testimonials pages on this site highlight just a few of the tremendously valued relationships Fullerex have developed and the greatly appreciated positive feedback from customers, collaborators and friends. We are very proud of the contributions Fullerex has made and will continue to make to support and accelerate the development of this most exciting frontier and are privileged to work so closely with such a dedicated and inspirational group of professionals and innovators.


Why choose us

Capturing Opportunity

Our efforts as an intermediary place you in a greater position to exploit opportunities for both business development and materials innovation. We also believe our agency approach to building the market is the most effective and offers our customers better value than distributors, resellers, e-commerce sites or companies operating exclusively on a consultancy basis. By developing robust and comprehensive supply chains with the best possible industrial partners from the ground up, we are far more closely involved with the materials, the companies and the people that drive the industry forward.

Market Knowledge

Our valuable ongoing market feedback will help you as a producer to advance the right strategy for targeting new customers and developing new products where there is demand for them. We will also help you as an end-user identify and evaluate new materials and technologies with the greatest promise in terms of technology readiness and commercial viability. The confidence we have in our market insight and the ability for our customers to benefit from it means that we maintain our commission solely by realising direct sales from successful material applications and technology transfer.


Non-investment Grade

Fullerex wishes to make clear to customers that nanomaterials and/or variants thereof are not to be regarded as suitable for speculative and/or investment purposes. All trade in nanomaterials remains for commercial supply and end-use purposes only.

The Team


Joe Eldridge


Tom Eldridge