Merchant Services

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Fullerex primarily focuses on a merchant trading model.
Fullerex as merchant members execute order flow against buy and sell orders from clients for materials listed on INSCX exchange. This is an order driven process and generally for liquid and standardized order types. Feedback is provided throughout the trade process to ensure fair, accurate and timely execution. Addtionally, Fullerex understands that market demand and production is often for bespoke commodity specifications (regarding size, quality or composition) and as a result it is necessary to list new products on the exchange where demand is evident. We work with suppliers to list new products on the exchange with specifications that make sense to them and the wider market.


Commitment to strengthening existing supply chains and forging new ones.
INSCX exchange, as a supplier neutral platform is a means of providing greater flexibility in the procurement and sale of various materials to support any supplier/customer relationship whether new or pre-existing, in particular by providing the financing facility to commit capital to the production of materials and ensure their certainty in supply, improve payment terms for both parties and guarantee on delivery vs payment. The Exchange system was designed therefore, among other things, to assist producers with access to liquidity in order to accept growing customer orders without having concerns over meeting working capital requirements. In a growing materials market many producers find themselves at a disadvantage to increase production capacity to align themselves with growing customer demand without falling into an over-trading trap. With limited access to new capital and at risk of non-payment from buyers, sales volume can be lost to competition. Producers and end-users can therefore strengthen their supply relationships by trading via the Exchange to the advantage of both parties and producers in particular can achieve sustainable growth rate of their business without creating cash flow problems.


Filling a critical void in the value-chain.
Nanomaterial producers and end-users alike require several key components in the value chain to be met before successful and sustainable trade in a material can occur. Among these, the most important are appropriate unit production costs and supply volumes, as well as downstream refining capabilities such as functionalization and dispersion techniques. These advanced processing methods for nanomaterials however are currently insufficient or missing entirely from the existing industrial end-user base. Producers that fail to achieve appropriate competence in even one of these core elements therefore will find it difficult or impossible to sell their materials into the market. Participation on INSCX exchange effectively eliminates these shortfalls. By essentially acting in a capacity as a nanomaterial refinery, the collective producer base with appropriate oversight from the INSCX technical team can formulate solutions for production at industrial-scale funded through an R&D commitment from end-users.


Valued consultancy and market insight.
Fullerex is uniquely positioned to offer insight and consultancy to producers and potential end-users of nanomaterials through our strong ties with the industry, INSCX and the network of experts represented by affiliated groups and companies. Due to our commitment to drive the nanomaterial market forward, Fullerex has produced a number of thought leadership pieces (available here) and welcomes questions and insights from industry participants and companies that want more information about our services, the market and the wider implications for society. Requirements for more in depth analysis can be satisfied through a bespoke market report. These reports are compiled using up to date information and insights from experts in the industry. Please contact for pricing information and lead times.