Merchant Services

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Fullerex primarily focuses on a merchant trading model.
Fullerex as merchant members execute order flow against buy and sell orders from clients for materials listed on INSCX exchange. This is an order driven process and generally for liquid and standardized order types. Feedback is provided throughout the trade process to ensure fair, accurate and timely execution. Addtionally, Fullerex understands that market demand and production is often for bespoke commodity specifications (regarding size, quality or composition) and as a result it is necessary to list new products on the exchange. We work with suppliers to list new products on the exchange with specifications that make sense to them and the wider market.


Commitment to strengthening current supply chains and forging new ones.
In addition to trading proprietary nanomaterial grades on the exchange, producers can offer materials listed from multiple suppliers, whereby IPs for a particular process technology can be licenced to other producers, enabling suppliers to collectively respond to demand in cases where end-buyers require multiple sources of supply. Similarly, the material specifications of an end-buyer may require several combined process technologies often from different producers in order to obtain the desired material performance requirements. For instance, members of the Exchange may have process technologies for particle purification, nanotube separation, nanoplatelet exfoliation, dispersion technologies, surface modifications etc. which allow for a synergy of complentary capabilities between firms to enable the development of new supply chains and enhances the product offering to industry.


INSCX exchange has world class compounding and masterbatch capabilities.
This is an essential service given the diverse and demanding requirements of industry and to ensure integration of nanomaterials with existing process. Much research in recent years has focused on polymeric nanocomposites due to the processability of plastics and therefore faster development cycle and ease of integration with existing industrial manufacturing. Multiple studies, including the 2007 report from the World Technology Evaluation Center highlighted polymer composites as an immediate area of significant and varied material application for carbon nanotubes. Plastic formulators or compounders can integrate nanoparticles for use as performance additives. The exchange lists multiple grades of each nanomaterial in various forms, such as powders, dispersions, masterbatch or bulk polymer.

A polymer masterbatch is a concentrated mix of either performance enhancing additives or pigments that are embedded into a carrier resin, cooled and cut into pellets. The masterbatch can then be mixed in the desired ratio with the dilution resin, the polymer that makes up the bulk of the final product. Examples of pigments include inorganic pigments such as Titanium Dioxide. Additives are used to enhance various physical characteristics of the end product and are generally referred to as performance additives. These can include graphene, carbon nanotubes and metallic powders.