Trade Suppliers
An international network of reputable producers
Fullerex partners with established producers of nanomaterials and nano-intermediates, offering a broad range of materials in a variety of formats. As a result of our extensive supply relationships, we represent multiple producer firms on an agency basis, authorised to generate trade on their behalf, covering a complementary suite of materials and technologies. We operate in end-user markets across the world and in response to growing interest in nanomaterials we have established a truly global customer base of nanomaterial producers. Some of the core products covered in our agency agreements with producers include functionalised carbon allotrope nanomaterials and nano-enabled masterbatches and dispersions in a range of solvents and thermoplastic and thermoset carriers. For a full list of products please refer to our traded products page.




Manufacturing2 square
Innovators across both new and mainstream commercial markets
Fullerex works with end-users to develop and launch products that incorporate nanomaterials. The main types of application development we have been involved in include the use of nanoparticles as advanced additives to impart new and/or enhanced functionality to traditional materials. We are active in supporting the varied and complex needs of engineers and product developers in materials R&D to enhance a whole range of physical characteristics including: mechanical improvements, electrical conductivity, chemical resistance, wear resistance and lubrication, gas and water vapour barrier properties, thermal stability and conductivity, antimicrobial properties, radiation absorption and photoactivity.  




Research Labs

National Research Institutes and Universities
We support technology transfer offices at universities and national research institutes to assist with commercialisation efforts for newly patented intellecual property. Our broking service also allows for the purchase and sale of a wide range of nanomaterial and nano-intermediate samples to aid early stage research and development projects.