“We have been working with Fullerex for two years now and I have been impressed with their pro-active approach coupled with a "can do" attitude. Gaining sales and opening doors in a new market with new products is not easy yet they have started to bring us high quality leads with real sales potential.”
Ray Gibbs
CEO, Haydale Ltd.


"We approached Fullerex with a complex project and very tight timeframe. When we received such a low quote we were curious to see what level of support the team would provide, and throughout the entire process we were very impressed. In a very short space of time they provided us with a comprehensive analysis of what is an exceptionally complex and diverse market. I’d recommend Fullerex to anyone who faces challenges and is looking for practical and feasible solutions in the graphene and nano-carbon industry, in whatever field they operate.”
Jonathan Tuck, Ph.D.
Chief Scientific Officer, ZapGoCharger Ltd.


“Fullerex has been a great addition to our company, particularly because we have a very small internal marketing team and our outreach is limited. Within two months, they had contacted nearly 50 potential customers across Europe, initiated NDAs, and set up initial conversations with decision makers. These "pre-screened" sales opportunities have been extremely valuable for our product launch and our potential customer base is growing rapidly. Fullerex is very knowledgeable in the nanotech space and their contacts and determination will help grow our business into a success.”
Kyle Kissell, Ph.D.
CTO, NanoRidge Materials Inc.


“Fullerex works like a catalyst, creating unforeseen business opportunities for their producer clients and industrial buyers.”
Dr. Benjamin Bechem
Global Marketing Manager, Rhein Chemie Rheinau GmbH.


"I have had the privilege of working with Tom and Joe at Fullerex over the past several years in the context of the graphene industry and as collaborators of The Graphene Council. We have found them to be competent and knowledgable experts in this field, specifically regarding actual market developments, as well as a solid understanding of the underlying chemistry and physical characteristics of graphene and the closely related materials including composites. Fullerex conduct themselves in a serious and professional manner and we can recommend them highly to any organization that would like to use their skills to help understand the potential market for graphene materials, composites and applications."
Terrance Barkan
CEO, The Graphene Council


"Garmor is fortunate to have Fullerex as one of our strategic partners. Fullerex not only sources new sales leads but also thinks creatively about the market and develops new concepts for applications that could solve a wide-range of industry issues. In addition, both Joe Eldridge and Tom Eldridge bring not only a solid business development skillset but also the desire to develop spreadsheets and performance analytical calculations to evaluate business opportunities. These opportunities have sometimes required Fullerex to travel and they have done so eagerly. Fullerex has become a vital part of Garmor's business development efforts and has saved our company tremendous amounts of personnel costs as well as the costs of approaching markets they showed were not attractive. While the physical distance between Garmor and Fullerex is substantial and further complicated by a large time difference, Fullerex's ability to quickly and succinctly communicate through a variety of tools makes it appear as if Fullerex is one of our team members in the office just next door. Both Joe and Tom have demonstrated astounding intellectual skills as well as a knack for warmly breaking the ice with customers using a generous sense of humor. I recommend their services to anyone working in the nanomaterial industry seeking to quickly grow their business."
Sean Christiansen, Ph.D.
Director of Business Development, Garmor Inc.


"I want to thank you once again for your presentation at our Workshop. I think you have given a really excellent overview. Your information about market volume, manufacturing capacities as well as market prices was very important from the viewpoint of our future activities. I think the application in concrete was absolutely new for all participants. You presented Fullerex as a preferred partner for companies interested in R&D cooperations."
Dr. Roland Weiss
Head of Department, Composites, Schunk Kohlenstofftechnik GmbH


"Fullerex's bulk graphene pricing report provided a useful addition to our existing market knowledge. Their research is well structured and the analysis is precise and thorough. I would recommend the report to anyone looking to gain a good understanding of the graphene landscape."
James Baker
Graphene Business Director, National Graphene Institute


"I recently engaged Fullerex to provide us with some primary market research relating to one of our new technologies. Tom is personable, knowledgeable and was very accommodating to our specific needs. Correspondence was prompt and the report was put together and delivered in a tight timeframe. The report itself was very thorough and definitely addressed our questions about the new technology and how it fits into the current industrial landscape. Through directly engaging with industry on our behalf, Tom has opened up doors to potential new partnerships for this technology which has been particularly valuable for us. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend working with Fullerex to anyone working in the 2D nanomaterials industry."
Natalie Mera-Pirttijarvi
Commercialisation Executive, UMIP The University of Manchester Intellectual Property


"The (Bulk Graphene Pricing) Webinar was above my expectations as I did not think it was going to be so detailed and specific, differentiating between applications. The presentation has given me the opportunity to see a very detailed quantitative analysis of the current costs associated to the use of graphene for different applications and more importantly, of targets to be achieved in order to have a profitable business"
Diego Carrascal, Ph.D.
R&D Engineer, ArcelorMittal Global R&D Asturias


"I have known Fullerex for some time and we engaged the Company in March to undertake a bespoke market analysis project for us. The work was undertaken professionally, the final result was of very high quality and it was completed within the requested time frame. I am very happy to recommend Fullerex."
Jeremy McManus
Commercial Manager, Talga Resources Ltd.


"Our brief was for Fullerex to validate our technology in the market by engaging with companies, to enhance our response to an investor’s due diligence. Not only did Fullerex achieve a positive result from that perspective, but they immediately introduced us to 9 high-quality contacts in companies. This resulted in additional commercial opportunities to explore and was certainly above and beyond our expectations – very impressed with Fullerex, it was an extremely worthwhile interaction."
Dr. Catherine Breslin
Research and Knowledge Exchange Development Manager, University of Strathclyde.


"We engaged Fullerex to undertake a proof of market study with the aim of validating the need for one of our novel nanomaterial technologies and helping to refine our technical and commercial development strategies. From the outset it was obvious they had expert technical and commercial understanding in this technology area and this was proven to be case with an excellent, detailed and well presented final report. They were also able to contract numerous industrial companies as part of this process which has led to 3 potential new co-development partners for this technology. The proof of market study was critical to help us make a strong case to secure further development funding, which we successfully achieved. They worked to agreed timescales and budget and overall I would highly recommend using Fullerex."
Dr. James Kitson
Senior Commercialisation Manager, University of Leeds.