Our Services

product pic5Broking Services
Fullerex represents a range of nanomaterial and nano-intermediate producers, with a focus on carbon allotropes and 2D materials. We support the commercialisation efforts of our producer customers by acting as a sales agent to generate new business for their products, to promote any intellectual property and technologies available for licensing, and to secure contracts for research and development services. Our business model for these broking activities is based on a sales commission structure.


Project Management

We provide product development and delivery programmes and supply chain building services to support innovation across the value chain. Whether you are a producer seeking to develop and market a value-added product or an end-user looking for a drop-in solution, Fullerex is experienced in putting together consortia and complex supply chains to suit your needs.


Consultancy and Market Insight

We offer valuable insight and consultancy for industry, investors, government institutions and academia. Our consulting services include carrying out detailed bespoke research such as market opportunity analysis, supplier assessment and material sourcing, technology scouting and more. We also produce regular comprehensive reports and webinars to make material pricing and the supply landscape less opaque for the market.


Please contact info@fullerex.com for further information or to request a discussion about our service offering.