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A leading independent broker of nanomaterials and nano-intermediates with a global customer base.


Including fullerenes, carbon nanotubes and graphene, metal and metal oxide nanoparticles. Supplied as raw nanopowders or ready-to-use dispersions and concentrates.


Producer goods and semi-finished products such as nano-enabled coatings, polymer masterbatches, conductive inks, thermal interface materials and catalysts.
Are you an end-user?
We can help you develop your products with nano-based solutions.
  • Find commercial supply sources that meet your specifications at the best possible price
  • Obtain materials in a ready-to-use format to suit your processing steps and application
  • Get fully researched solutions to address your business needs
Are you a producer?
We can help grow sales and access new markets
  • Drive demand for your products by initiating trials with potential new customers across a wide range of markets
  • Establish the challenges and unmet needs from industry and the commercial and technical targets needed to resolve them
  • Identify optimal commercialisation partners in the external value chain
Fullerex: providing broking services, market insight and research.
Our mission is to support the advancement of nanotechnology in creating radical, transformative and sustainable improvement to society by accelerating the commercialisation and usage of nanomaterials across industry and beyond.

Become our client to benefit from:

Fullerex acts like a catalyst for the commercialisation of nanomaterials and nanotechnology by linking together various elements of the supply chain.

Stimulating innovation is an important part of what we do at Fullerex. By helping to steer the industry we have been instrumental in new product development activities.

Our ability to bring buyers together with nanotechnology solution providers is based on our unique market perspective and specialised knowledge which is strengthened by a global network of industry partnerships.

We offer highly competitive trade commissions and take no margin on the sale price of materials nor do we charge any retainer fees for our ongoing committed service, electing instead to work in a flexible commission draw arrangement at the discretion of our producer clients.

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