Consulting Services

Fullerex offers a dedicated consulting service to support organisations in their strategic decision making by providing bespoke research and analysis which typically covers the following types of project:

- Technology scouting
Our process begins with a free of charge consult to agree the scope of the work. Prospective customers provide Fullerex with detailed set of requirements so that a research project proposal can be put together. We then provide a quotation of our fees for the project which depends on the extent of the work schedule and deadlines. Once approved we can begin work almost immediately. 

Market Opportunity Analysis

Whether you are working at a university or a corporate entity, it is essential to gain reliable and trustworthy information to guide your strategic decision making when it comes to newly formed intellectual property. At Fullerex we can conduct an extensive market validation exercise to determine the commercial potential of your research, providing you with the tools to decide with confidence – whether to spin-out new companies, launch new products, or license technologies.

One of the chief failings of nanotechnology ventures has been not adequately establishing a competitive commercial advantage prior to launching of the business or new products by comparing their intellectual property with other technologies already on the market. This leads to wasted resources and missed opportunities. Fullerex can provide the research and analysis to ensure that your new technology is positioned optimally so that you can move forward in your business with success.

We will work with you to gain a good understanding of your invention and critically analyse the market opportunity it represents. Our research will typically include:

• An overview of the addressable market
• An assessment of the incumbent materials and/or technologies
• An outline of the industry drivers and outlook
• A commercial and technological justification and rationalisation for the invention
• An appraisal of the customer evaluation process
• A valuation of the total addressable market for the invention
• Introduction of your technology with prospective commercial partners for industry feedback and engagement

Our considerable knowledge of the myriad application spaces for nanomaterials allows us to deliver our research across multiple vertical markets and material types.

To summarise our value proposition:
Maximise profitability

- Make informed decisions that optimise return on investment; target the most suitable markets, access maximal and near-term revenue streams, identify the optimal commercialisation partners.

Save time

- Allow our expertise and committed research efforts to free your own resources to focus on core business and scientific activities.

Mitigate risk

- Avoid costly mistakes by getting the right information to evaluate the potential risks and rewards.

Develop a clear plan

- Move forward with confidence built on the robustness of our research.

Case Studies:
University of Manchester
The University of Manchester Intellectual Property ("UMIP") is a division of the University's innovation company, UMI3. The organisation was founded to commercialise relevant University research results.
"I recently engaged Fullerex to provide us with some primary market research relating to one of our new technologies. Tom is personable, knowledgeable and was very accommodating to our specific needs. Correspondence was prompt and the report was put together and delivered in a tight timeframe. The report itself was very thorough and definitely addressed our questions about the new technology and how it fits into the current industrial landscape. Through directly engaging with industry on our behalf, Tom has opened up doors to potential new partnerships for this technology which has been particularly valuable for us. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend working with Fullerex to anyone working in the 2D nanomaterials industry." - Natalie Mera-Pirttijarvi, Commercialisation Executive, UMIP The University of Manchester Intellectual Property.
University of Strathclyde
The University of Strathclyde's Research & Knowledge Exchange Services (RKES) provides a range of professional services to: optimise the commercial potential of the University's intellectual property; support funding applications; manage contractual agreements; and develop engagement with businesses, organisations and strategic partners.
"Our brief was for Fullerex to validate our technology in the market by engaging with companies, to enhance our response to an investor’s due diligence. Not only did Fullerex achieve a positive result from that perspective, but they immediately introduced us to 9 high-quality contacts in companies. This resulted in additional commercial opportunities to explore and was certainly above and beyond our expectations – very impressed with Fullerex, it was an extremely worthwhile interaction" - Dr. Catherine Breslin, Research and Knowledge Exchange Development Manager, University of Strathclyde.

Material Sourcing and Supplier Assessment

Our expert knowledge of the nanomaterial supply landscape delivers significant utility for any company with nanomaterial sourcing and procurement interests. Through our extensive network of contacts in the nanomaterial processing and production industry, we provide a thorough market engagement service on behalf of end-users. Our knowledge extends across a broad range of nanomaterial types, with a particular emphasis on carbon allotropes and 2D materials.

Fullerex can communicate your needs or requirements with suppliers under strict confidentiality and help you understand market capacity, capability and trends for a given material. Our findings are summarised in a project report for each customer. We can also assist in organising samples and/or making direct introductions to any of the material producers shortlisted in our results that you deem worth exploring further.

For a given project, we will source based on your material specifications, cost targets, volume requirements and preferences (supplier location, minimum number of redundant sources of supply etc.). Fullerex is able to aggregate pricing and other important commercial variables in the specified materials for all relevant global producers. Fullerex can also add value by verifying the viability of particular commercial or technical claims.  

Whatever stage of nanomaterial utilisation within your company, Fullerex can help.

To summarise our value proposition:
Reduce cost

- Make informed procurement decisions that ultimately reduce operating costs.

Save time

- Allow our expertise and committed efforts to free your own resources to focus on core business activities.

Mitigate risk

- Manage supply chain risk to improve product development cycle success and overcome scale-up challenges.

Case Study:
Zapgocharger Ltd
UK registered company, based at Harwell, Oxford and founded in September 2013. The Company makes ultra-fast charge graphene supercapacitors that can replace slow charging lithium-ion batteries.
"We approached Tom Eldridge at Fullerex with a complex project and very tight timeframe. When we received such a low quote we were curious to see what level of support he and his team would provide, and throughout the entire process we were very impressed. Tom and his team listened to our request and requirement, and immediately understood the situation and the high level challenges that we faced, and in a very short space of time they provided us with a comprehensive analysis of what is an exceptionally complex and diverse market. They then narrowed down the suppliers to the top potential candidates and engaged in several meetings with us to ensure that we were happy with their analysis, before proceeding to request samples of material from the top 5 for us. I found Tom and his team to be experienced, well connected and very professional, and willing to go the extra mile. I’d recommend Fullerex to anyone who faces challenges and is looking for practical and feasible solutions in the graphene and nano-carbon industry, in whatever field they operate." - Jonathan Tuck Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer, ZapGoCharger.

Technology Scouting

It is our firm belief at Fullerex that nanotechnology can provide the solutions to a whole range of industry challenges. As a technology broker, we help realise this potential by matching the latest developments in material science with our customers’ internal requirements.

Our technology scouting service will transform your challenges into business opportunities. The process for delivering these innovations is split into the following sequence:

•Defining aims: To gain a good understanding of your objectives and constraints.
•Identifying options: Research and identification across an array of potential technology solutions.
•Screening: Analytical methods to narrow-down towards the technically and commercially most viable routes.
•Proposal: Presentations of the pre-screened technologies.
•Selection: Agreement and approval to progress with a particular technology or set of technologies.
•Assessment: Organisation of trial evaluation and validation of the solution in lab and industry setting.


Each project is unique, and our model involves agreeing specific milestones with each customer to ensure that your expectations are met to the best of our abilities.

To summarise our value proposition:
Gain competitive advantage

- Benefit from the exercise of technology scouting to identify hidden innovation opportunities.

Save time

- Allow our expertise and committed research efforts to free your own resources to focus on core business activities.

Minimize opportunity costs

- Identify the most profitable uses of resources to solve your challenges.