Fullerex offers a dedicated consulting service that has significant utility for any company with nanomaterial sourcing and procurement interests. Through our extensive network of contacts in the nanomaterial processing and production industry, we provide a thorough market engagement service on behalf of end-users. Our knowledge extends across a broad range of nanomaterial types, with a particular emphasis on carbon allotropes.

Fullerex can communicate your needs or requirements with suppliers under strict confidentiality and help you understand market capacity, capability and trends for a given material. Our findings are summarised in a project report for each customer. We can also assist in organising samples and/or making direct introductions to any of the material producers shortlisted in our results that you deem worth exploring further.

Our process begins with a free of charge consult to agree the scope of the work. Prospective customers provide Fullerex with detailed material specifications and/or technical performance goals, cost targets, volume requirements and preferences (supplier location, minimum number of redundant sources of supply etc.). We then provide a quotation of our fees for the project which depend on the extent of the work schedule and deadlines. Once approved we can begin work almost immediately.

For a given project, Fullerex is able to aggregate pricing and other important commercial variables in the specified materials for all relevant global producers. Fullerex can also add value by commenting on viability of particular commercial or technical claims and provide useful information on processes/materials that are not immediately available 'off the shelf' but that could be developed further between producer and customer on an exclusive or collaborative basis or through licensing arrangements. 

In our experience, a good deal of market investigation and digging is required to uncover the nanomaterials and their derivatives that are able to address a particular need. Further still, for products to offer a "ready-to-use" solution they will often be produced by several companies working in tandem to produce, rather than being made available through the efforts of a single company alone. As a result, end-users find that relying on Fullerex to help them navigate this confusing supply landscape is a valuable experience.

Whatever stage of nanomaterial utilisation within your company, Fullerex can help.

To summarise our value proposition:
Reduce cost
- Make informed procurement decisions that ultimately reduce operating costs.
Save time
- Allow our expertise and committed efforts to free your own resources to focus on core business activities.
Mitigate risk
- Manage supply chain risk to improve product development cycle success and overcome scale-up challenges.
Gain competitive advantage
- Benefit from the exercise of technology scouting to identify hidden innovation opportunities.


Case Study:
Zapgocharger Ltd
UK registered company, based at Harwell, Oxford and founded in September 2013. The Company makes ultra-fast charge graphene supercapacitors that can replace slow charging lithium-ion batteries.


"We approached Tom Eldridge at Fullerex with a complex project and very tight timeframe. When we received such a low quote we were curious to see what level of support he and his team would provide, and throughout the entire process we were very impressed. Tom and his team listened to our request and requirement, and immediately understood the situation and the high level challenges that we faced, and in a very short space of time they provided us with a comprehensive analysis of what is an exceptionally complex and diverse market. They then narrowed down the suppliers to the top potential candidates and engaged in several meetings with us to ensure that we were happy with their analysis, before proceeding to request samples of material from the top 5 for us. I found Tom and his team to be experienced, well connected and very professional, and willing to go the extra mile. I’d recommend Fullerex to anyone who faces challenges and is looking for practical and feasible solutions in the graphene and nano-carbon industry, in whatever field they operate." - Jonathan Tuck Ph.D. Chief Scientific Officer ZapGoCharger .