Fullerex provides research in the form of white papers on market analysis and material pricing, available for order as listed below in the released reports section or as bespoke documents generated on customer request. Our specialist focus on nanomaterials is driven by our in-depth knowledge of the market. The pricing information and market commentary in our reports provides valuable insight for businesses to better understand price drivers, negotiate with end-users /producers and develop internal price formulas for materials. Information gathered in these reports is collected using a variety of means, including meetings and conference calls with key decision makers at over 100 companies last year alone, both producer firms and industrial end-users. Also, through networking with relevant market influencers at numerous industry events and conferences each year and dedicated research and information sourcing across a wide range of international academic and industry research papers.  

Released Reports:
Bulk Graphene Pricing Report (2017)
The 2017 Bulk Graphene Pricing Report provides both competition based pricing and demand based pricing analysis across the broad spectrum of graphene powder material types or "bulk graphene" products.


Pricing Report 2016 thumbnail View and download the executive summary and full table of contents for the report by clicking hereView PDF


For Graphene Producers:

- Understand which end user markets are the best candidates for industrial scale use of graphene
- Discover current market price points for different forms of graphene materials
- Learn what price points will be needed for graphene to compete effective with existing materials in targeted markets

For Graphene Buyers and Users:

- Gain transparency into current market prices for different forms of graphene materials
- Discover which markets are viable for the use of graphene as a competitive, functional material
- Improve your knowledge and negotiating position when sourcing bulk graphene materials

Pricing: $1,900 (plus VAT).
Format: Electronic copy.
License: Includes unlimited multi-user access per company. 
The report contains: Pages: 76, Tables: 15, Diagrams: 36, Images: 3, Word count: 32,100.
The Bulk Graphene Pricing Report is available exclusively through The Graphene Council. To order your copy of the latest report please ORDER HERE
"Fullerex's bulk graphene pricing report provided a useful addition to our existing market knowledge. Their research is well structured and the analysis is precise and thorough. I would recommend the report to anyone looking to gain a good understanding of the graphene landscape."
James Baker
Graphene Business Director, National Graphene Institute
Previous Editions: 
Bulk Graphene Pricing Report (2016)
Pricing: Discontinued
Format: Electronic copy.
License: Includes unlimited multi-user access per company. 
The report contains: Pages: 52, Tables: 12, Diagrams: 14, Word count: 22,500.
Bulk Graphene Pricing Report (2015)
Pricing: Discontinued
Format: Electronic copy.
License: Includes unlimited multi-user access per company. 
The report contains: Pages: 44, Tables: 7, Diagrams: 14, Word count: 19,000.
Bulk Graphene Pricing Report (2014)
Pricing: Discontinued
Format: Electronic copy.
License: Includes unlimited multi-user access per company. 
The report contains: Pages: 38, Tables: 7, Diagrams: 12, Word count: 15,500.


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