Broking Services

product pic5Developing the market for nanomaterials
At Fullerex we work with our producer clients to develop and sell new and existing products with specifications and prices that meet the evolving demands of the market. We combine extensive knowledge of the products we cover with dedicated business development efforts to arrange meetings with key decision makers between our producer clients and end buyers, many of which are market leaders and well established and positioned in their respective industries. Some of our clients in addition to direct sales, also use our broking services to find buyers to private label their products, or to license their processing technology. By delivering a pipeline of high quality, qualified, complementary leads, we accelerate our clients’ ability to generate revenue with care taken to make the most efficient use of their time and capacity. By facilitating collaborative projects with industry, information is also shared between both parties, adding to a producers “know how” and expanding the overall capability for industry to process nanomaterials.


This kind of targeted focus with nanomaterials; putting the right people together with the right products, allowing industry to harness them in a responsible, safe and sustainable way to achieve significant improvements in many important sectors, is a long term core goal for Fullerex. Essentially, Fullerex support producers by acting as a secondary sales force to reverse-engineer demand for their materials, working closely with them to identify new sectors and areas where nanomaterials have the ability to replace or augment incumbent technology. Our commitment and confidence in this pursuit means that we do not charge retainers, or fees for completed work developing sales leads. Fullerex will only receive commission for our broking services on revenue generated by our efforts for our producers.


Navigating the supply landscape

Several important nanomaterial types (such as graphene and carbon nanotubes) are manufactured by a large number of producers often employing different production techniques which has created a market of widely differing materials each offered at different prices, but all associated with claims about superior product performance. Without agreed material standards in a market it is impossible to quickly verify quality, and more difficult still to establish efficacy. End-users wishing to explore whether nanomaterials can provide them with a competitive advantage or a solution to their product development goals are often left with uncertainty and scepticism caused by lack of transparency in the market. Fullerex has the market knowledge to help end-users navigate the supply landscape by providing an independent and objective means of establishing both the material grades appropriate for a customer's particular technical application and also identify commercially viable sources of supply.


Filling a critical void in the value-chain

Nanomaterial producers and end-users alike require several key components in the value chain to be met before successful and sustainable trade and use of nanomaterials can occur. It is becoming increasingly clear that incorporating nanomaterials into readily useable formats (such as coatings, nanocomposites, or superconducting wires) is one of the most important steps in this regard. Producing these 'intermediate' products requires enabling technology such as adequate functionalization and dispersion. However, these advanced processing methods for nanomaterials are currently underdeveloped or missing entirely from the existing industrial end-user base. Fullerex has the right partnerships in place to offer end-users with ready-to-use intermediates to seamlessly integrate nanomaterials into their existing manufacturing processes, removing this barrier to innovation. These solutions can be provided either as fully developed off-the-shelf products or tailored on-demand to suit any end-user requirements. Improving the compatibility of nanomaterials with current industrial processes is an essential part of proving the commercial value before significant investment can be made. Producers that fail to achieve appropriate competence in thes e refining processes will find it difficult or impossible to sell their materials into the market. Fullerex are also experienced in putting together consortiums or multi-layered supply chains with relevant technology to help producers avoid having to vertically integrate, which can be an expensive and risky endeavour.

Valued consultancy and market insight.

Fullerex is uniquely positioned to offer insight and consultancy to producers and end-users of nanomaterials , through our strong ties within the industry. Due to our commitment to drive the nanomaterial market forward, Fullerex has produced research reports and white papers on market analysis and commodity pricing, available to order on request. The pricing information and market commentary in our reports provides valuable insight, enabling readers to better understand price drivers, negotiate price, and develop internal price formulas for materials. We collect information via meetings and conference calls with key decision makers at influential companies, along with dedicated research and information sourcing across a wide range of international academic and industry research papers. Our company directors have also written a number of thought leadership pieces (available here) about our services, the market and the wider implications for society. We welcome questions and insights from industry participants and companies that want more information. Requirements for more in depth analysis can be satisfied through a bespoke market report. These reports are compiled using up to date information and insights from experts in the industry. Please contact for pricing information and lead times.