2nd December, 2013 - LONDON: Haydale, the leading solutions provider with enabling technology to commercialise Graphene through its unique plasma functionalisation process, announces that it has listed its HDPlas™ range of materials for trade on INSCX™ exchange. INSCX™ is the world marketplace for organisations seeking nanomaterials, nanocommodities, objects and devices. Merchant member Fullerex has been appointed by Haydale as their agent, through which they will instruct trade on the market.

The Exchange operates a defined system for listing nanomaterials for trade. Agreeing specifications with producers/end-users, agreeing inspection methodology, formally registering materials for trade on the live platform, referencing materials for EHS and product liability insurance, track/trace and trade reporting. The Exchange also conducts a formal on-site audit of producers to assess capability to supply and offers producers a means to finance upscale.

Ray Gibbs, CEO commented: “INSCX™ exchange has established itself as the “Go To” place for sourcing nano materials for both research and commercial applications. The buyer is looking for a product enhancing nano material and as such it is a perfect route to market for our solution based functionalised materials. We have access to a wide range of Graphenes and Carbon Nano Tubes that allows us to pick the appropriate one and surface modify (functionalise) in order to meet the customer specification. The exchange will also support our sales and marketing function by increasing awareness of our unique enabling technology.”

“Fullerex have already demonstrated their knowledge in the field. Their ability to introduce pre-qualified new quality sales opportunities to us is such a bonus and we look forward to working with them to further develop our customer base. We firmly believe that through this relationship we will provide solutions that will enable improvements in materials applications across a range of industries.”

Tom Eldridge, Director at Fullerex comments: "Significant demand exists in the market for compound materials, and specifically end-buyers looking to purchase polymer additive master batches for example. A number of opportunities therefore emerge since a variety of more traditional commodities are listed for trade on INSCX including base oils, polymers, minerals and titanium dioxide. Access to commercial supply of these materials along with Haydale's ability to provide HDPlas carbon based nanomaterials in a variety of custom formats, will enable trade in a range of nanocomposite materials to suit end-buyer requirements."