26th January 2015 - LONDON: Fullerex (http://fullerex.com) has announced the release of the "Bulk Graphene Pricing Report 2015" as part of its research offering.

The 2015 edition, replacing the report from 2014, is a detailed report on the current pricing of bulk graphene materials which encompass the various commercial grades of nano-to-micron scale flake graphene or “platelets” as opposed to continuous monolayer films. Bulk graphene materials have wide reaching applications for large-scale use as an industrial commodity. As such, understanding price drivers and gaining accurate pricing information is critical for successfully exploiting graphene as either a producer or end-user of the material.

The 2015 report features up to date pricing information and around a third more content compared to last years report, as well as being launched at a lower price point for an enterprise license, which further strengthens the reports value proposition.

An executive summary and full table of contents for the report can be accessed here: >http://fullerex.com/images/2015%20Bulk%20Graphene%20Pricing%20Report%20executive%20summary.pdf