17th Feb 2015 - LONDON: United Nanotech Innovations Pvt Ltd. (UNIPL), Bangalore, India a part of UAE based Darwish Bin Ahmed Group has formally joined INSCX™ Exchange,  the world marketplace for nano-materials, polymers, TiO2, base oils, and speciality minerals to trade as a principal producer (commercial user).

UNIPL will instruct trades onto the Exchange platform through merchant member Fullerex.

The newly listed material brands from UNIPL include exfoliated graphene sheets (UGRAY™), graphene oxide (UGOX™), reduced graphene oxide (URGOX™), multi-wall carbon nanotubes (UCNT™), and a new material POLYUNATE™, a re-defined polycarbonate and flame proof material with uses for example in secondary structures of Aircraft, and multi-functional graphene masterbatches for both polycarbonate and polypropylene.

UNIPL has a multi-tonne production capacity plant in Bangalore, India ready to respond to commercial interest from end-users worldwide in need of industrial-scale raw material supply. The company also has capabilities to produce customer specific nano-composites and nano-dispersions. As a formal commodity exchange focussed on commercial end use, INSCX™ exchange exists to support producers and industrial end users by providing a live trade platform and reporting system through which participants can trade registered, inspected and EHS insured and accredited nano-materials. The Exchange also conducts a formal on-site audit of producers to assess capability to supply to specification.

Rajnish Sharma, Executive Director and CEO at UNIPL commented : “UNIPL, the only bulk manufacturer of UGRAY Graphene in India, is focussing on mass production in tonnes of Graphene, CNT, Master-batches & related products through proprietary process suiting customer requirements across various industrial sectors globally. We are on our “MAKE IN INDIA” mission to radically improve India’s position in arena of Nano-technology commercialisation and ensuring that UGRAY Graphene reaches our global homes very soon. We are happy to see global customers contacting us for bulk supplies & for creating new revolutionary nano-blended materials. Next few years are going to be very exciting for UNIPL , we are working round-the clock to introduce nano-material across various strategic sectors and impact their technological benchmarks considerably, thereby providing immense value to the “Global Citizens”, INSCX™ & Fullerex are one of our key gateways to the world”

Tom Eldridge, Co-founder at Fullerex also commented: "UNIPL have clearly demonstrated scalability of the production process at their plant which will satisfy the need many end-users will have for establishing supply availability. Furthermore, we are confident that the consistent quality of their product and competitive offer price will be very well received by the market. We welcome the addition of UNIPL to the marketplace and look forward to supporting their trading activities."