Fullerex begins trading on INSCX™ exchange, the world marketplace for industrial-scale trade in SHE accredited, compliant and validated nanomaterials, nanocommodities, objects and devices

3rd September 2013 - LONDON: Fullerex Limited today proudly announces its launch on INSCX™ as a new merchant specialising in nanomaterials, nano-enabled commodities, polymers and titanium dioxide. Created by brothers Joe and Tom Eldridge, the company in the context of nanomaterials, will provide trade opportunities for research institutes, established commercial suppliers and industry buyers throughout the automotive, aerospace, chemicals, electronics, packaging and medical industries.

Fullerex is committed to aiding the growth of what Joe Eldridge refers to as a “nascent but highly promising and dynamic market”. The company has seen a strong demand from industry buyers looking to integrate or explore the use of nanomaterials in their manufacturing processes. For example, utilising nano-composites to develop innovative products as these materials benefit from enhanced functional roles ranging from improved strength and rigidity, lighter weight, antibacterial properties, chemical resistance, thermal and electrical conductivity, or friction/drag resistance. Other lines of nano-enabled products have also emerged in recent years for improving process economics and these nano-commodities include nano-fertilizers, catalysts, lubricants and fuels.

Rebecca Painter, Registrar at INSCX commented: “The admission of Fullerex as a Merchant member meets with the objective of the Exchange to develop and encourage a professional and accountable broking class of member in advanced, next-generation materials. Merchant, non-commercial members are an essential component of the Exchange system as they function to enable producers and end-users of physical materials listed for trade on the Exchange to use the market to meet their supply and procurement requirements. We take this opportunity to welcome Fullerex to the Exchange and wish its founders, existing and future clients every success.”

Fullerex will provide buyers with a route to securing industry-scale purchases of nanomaterials which has previously been difficult to source until the establishment of INSCX exchange. For suppliers, the business will open up market opportunities and trade volumes normally out of reach for a growing nanotech company. The merchant will also be permitted to offer services to end-users of more traditional materials listed on the Exchange such as polymers and Titanium Dioxide.