Innovation lessons from history

The importance of market perceptions cannot be overstated in influencing the rate of technological change. Never has this been more relevant than with the direction of innovation in nanotechnology.

Filling a critical void in the value-chain for Graphene commercialisation (The Graphene Council Newsletter July 2014)

Producers and end-users alike require several key components in the value chain to be met before successful and sustainable trade in a material can occur. This is certainly also the case with nanomaterials and therefore Graphene in its myriad forms. 

How nanotechnology can impact the resource economy to drive green innovation and sustainability

The very real need to address energy, agricultural and industrial sustainability is a key priority for many nations and nanotechnology is fast becoming an powerful enabler to combat the threat of resource scarcity and climate change.

Successfully navigating the inevitable transition of nanomaterials from speciality materials into commodities

One of the important things any company needs to do is to establish itself apart from the competition, to give end buyers some kind of incentive to approach them over another company. If you're in the material production business one of the ways this can be done is by marketing your products as "differentiator products".

The UK needs an industrial revolution - Can graphene deliver?

With a widening trade deficit and calls to rebalance the UK economy, could graphene play a significant role in driving a long term strategy of industrial resurgence or will this become another example of British ingenuity lost to overseas competition.